#NaturalBeauty Tips 4: Bye Underarm Hair!

Hello People! I’m back. YEAH!!!

Sorry if you wait to long for read the next tips, because my final test will come 2 weeks again!!!

For now, I’ll tell you about what is underarm hair?

Underarm hair or like usual we say in Indonesia, “bulu ketiak” is a big problem from some people, especially women, because the underarm hair make you cannot to use your favorite dress or one shoulder dress.

Underarm hair itself is a bunch of fine hair that grow in underarm area. Generally underarm hair started growing when a person enters puberty and teenagers ( + 17-22 y.o). Generally having underarm hair is very very very natural things, but for some people who hate or feel unconfortable with this. So they are looking for ways to eliminate the underarm hair. Starting from the natural until go to beauty salon. Actually someone has a little or bushy underarm hair is influenced by various factors, one of which genetic factor. So every person have a different amounts, to that end for those people who have problems with it will shave once every week.


Nah, for now I’ll tell you how to remove this in your home.

You can removes this with traditional ways before you go to the beauty salons


       You need a collision tumeric (kunyit ditumbuk), betel leaf water (air kapur sirih), collision 20 caraway seeds (20 buah biji jintan ditumbuk), 3 grains of camphor (3 buah kapur barus ditumbuk) and lime juice (air jeruk nipis). 

       First of all, scrub your underarm hair one day before shave. Before shave, don’t forget to wash with warm water to avoid irritation and to open the pores of skin in underarm area. After that shave that with shaving cream (you can buy this at store) and use a disposable razors. After shave, apply the herbal moisturizer to the underarm area before you go to sleep. In the next morning, take a bath and rinse that with a warm water.

NB : Use a FLUFFY TOWEL to wipe the underarm area.

       And the next week, you can try to eroded the underarm hair slowly, with 20 grains of pepper, 3 grains to camphor and a few drops of olive oil or kerosene oil.

        Mashed the pepper and camphor until smooth, then add the oil. Stir well to form a dough. Put the ingredients to your underarm area. If you do this routinely, your underarm hair will be eroded by itself.

If you don’t want to try the traditional ways, because you scary if fail, you can go to the beauty salon, and try some ways to remove the underarm hair.


       With waxing you will get fast results and lasting approximately 3-6 months. For the cost expense relative. Or you can try waxing in your home with buy the waxing cream.

Photo source: Madonna’s intagram

I need some comment if you like or comment if you was try this way 🙂

Catch you later peops!

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