#NaturalBeauty Tips 3: Handmade Anti-Stress Lotion [DIY]

Now I want to tell you, one of my recipe when I fell stress. 

This is a very simple recipe that relies on your already purchased unscented lotion and an essential oil combination that will soothe and calm you.


Yield                      : 50ml (about 1.6 ounces)

Prep Time            : 5 minutes

Price Category   : 1

Difficulty Level  : 1

Shelf Life              : 6 months



  • 1 drops Lemon essential oil
  • 2 drops Lavender essential oil
  • 1 drops Clary sage
  • 50ml your unscented lotion


The Steps :

  1. Mix the essential old together in advance in a glass bottle and allow them to sit and mellow for a few days.
  2. Add the oils to the lotion and shake well. Be sure the lotion is not cold or hard for this process, so the essential oils can blend into the lotion base.
  3. Even the small amount of essential oil in this blend is great. You can add a few drops more of the lemon or lavender if you’d like. But I don’t advise increasing the clary sage as it can be very overpowering.
  4. Use as you do any other lotion. Enjoy!


Don’t forget to rating, comment or help me to share this tips. Catcha! -blue.



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