After SM*SH, Star Signal : 5KY!!

Starsign Entertainment is now offering their new vocal group, 5KY (read: sky), which are expected to follow the success of SM*SH, boyband formed by Starsign before. Starsign strategy in the market the music industry is to make music fans fell in love with 5KY Indonesia. “If they’ve fallen in love, the other formulas such as no longer useful. So, we want to make people fall in love first to 5KY,” said Benny Zuniar, Starsign Entertainment Creative Director, the Hong Kong Cafe, Jalan MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (25/4). Five 5KY personnel recruited since 2009 and incorporated into the new training program in January 2012. Benny is recognized, it is felt the presence of this vocal group instantly, but he believes they will survive. In short the training process does not necessarily mean they are low quality. Each member has its advantages. For example, Fanny is a national dance champion 12 times. There also is a finalist Qizzy big four ‘Indonesian Idol’ *she is Indonesian rapper*. Maul also there is a community radio broadcasting high school kids. In terms of sound, the vocals are the five members could be said not too special. So also with the physical appearance and his face. However, the Starsign said they sold all potential 5KY personnel. “We want them to be touchable with young children today. Not make them untouchable,” said Syahmedi Dean, President Director Starsign Entertainment. The fifth member is Maulana Sharif 5KY Ramadan (Maul), Stefanny Wonosaputro (Fanny), Maulidan Pratama (Idan), Princess Balqis Anhudyanti (Qizzi), and Raden Dwikayuda Wiyasa (Yuda). Single and video clips 5KY was launched yesterday. 5KY debut will begin this week with an appearance at the music event ‘DAHSYAT’

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