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Yesterday I was make a meet and greet with a pop singer from Bandung, Ratu Sweethella Intan Yudhagrania Puspita a.s Ratu Sweethella. The event is titled “SWEET NIGHTHELLA”. Held in Terogong Nine Cafe on March 17, 2012 and gate opened at 4PM. With a ticket price of Rp 100,000 and the enthusiasm of the sweeties, name of Ratu Swethella’s fans wearing a pink-purple. end of the event a success. A lot of really fun games, funny gifts, eat together, to photograph and watch video together. Let’s read a little story about the event yesterday.

We started the show around 4:30PM, the event begins with the opening of the MC (Sissy). MC should have two people, but one more is still taking care of gifts and equipment for the sweeties who enliven the event. When the show began, sweeties seem a little curious because the artist, Ratu Sweethella not been seen at the venue.

We started the first games that contest to sing the song “Run and Hide”. When it is cool to sing the song, one of the most eagerly awaited arrival, Ratu Sweethella immediately accompany singing Nanaz, winner of singing contest last.

Thella sing "Run and Hide" with Nanaz

a lucky sweeties who can duet with Ratu Sweethella

After singing her first single, “Run and Hide”, Ratu invites Sweethella MC to duet with her on the song “I will fly by Ten2Five”. The song is finished, open question and answer session. Finally, MC (Anisa) came when the first question to answer is complete. He immediately took the mic and do her job as MC. MC approached the tables one by one sweeties who come to the event. She asks each of sweeties to ask their idol.

Thella sing "I will fly" with MC (Sissy)
Some fans take a picture when Thella singing

Here are a few photos SWEETIES fascinated by the appearance of Ratu Sweethella.

Nyak or Hentek ?

Nyak or Hentek with Thella, Teh RV, Mia and Sissy

mom and dad

Here’s a winners of this exciting games in SWEET NIGHTHELLA


all the winners can cheek kissing with Thella: o

Time to BREAK MAGHRIB and EAT EAT EAT!!!! All sweeties dinner with great intimacy and love. There is no difference. All the same, and fused and joking together that night.

MC and Thella could work together to make a surprise birthday party for Mia, one of the sweeties.

Hmm… Last perform, Ratu Sweethella sing “Oh Ya”

After satisfied to play and sing along on the 2nd floor, we moved to the roof of the cafe, we were back there and play games with prizes of course.


After playing at the roof, we are back to 2nd floor and watching a new version from RUN AND HIDE 🙂 soo cool.. But sorry, we can give you the picture. Soo.. Waiting until the music video release guys. Finally! Thella’s time to sign on paper and canvas for his fans and pose with sweeties and crew event.

Thanks to you who have read and given rate. Thanks also to you who have come to the SWEET NIGHTHELLA. I’ll see you at the gathering-gathering other towns. Hi guys, if you want to see Ratu Sweethella you can go to youtube guys.

Contact Person to SWEETIES GATHERING @SWEETIESOffc @BlueRanisa 🙂

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