Heartline Morgan SM*SH on Christmas Day

Morgan SM*SHChristmas is a special moment has been waiting for. That’s when the family gathered together to celebrate the birth of Christ. But not so for personnel SM*SH, Morgan Oey. For the umpteenth time he had to celebrate alone. And Morgan was already preparing for Christmas day prayers later.

Go to church with family and eating together is often done Morgan Oey, while still living with his parents and his brothers in Singkawang, West Kalimantan. But since decided to escape from his family, Morgan rarely celebrate Christmas with family. According to the boy born May 25, 1990, although he always part togethers baseball, baseball means to reduce the meaning of Christmas. And also, baseball makes him far from the family. “Usually after Mass, I call mama, papa and brother and sister. With so could mengurangin flavor miss them, especially at Christmas, “Morgan said when met at the Blitz Megaplex Jakarta. Moreover Christmas this year, Morgan admitted, he would spend time at home wrote. The reason, he gets time off one day wrote. After that, he must re-occupied with activities that solid until the end of this year. “Fortunately I’m already used to Christmas itself. Anyway, right off a day of baseball may still maksain home, “he continued. However, Morgan still have fond memories of Christmas time with family. He admitted that during this Christmas he celebrated with his family full of simplicity yet harmonious. Usually they always go together to the church for Christmas mass. After that, they returned together to eat special food from the mother. “Miss Mama’s also the same dish, but can only miss doang because baseball can go home,” he smiles.

Can Prayer Girl
As people of God, Morgan story already many blessings that God gave him. He was a blessing in so abundant this year. So, at Christmas this year he wanted to thank deeper. Even so, he remains the man that had never been satisfied to ask baseball. So this year she prayed to God to be given to health and launched next year all over again. “I would ask the baseball stuff, because God’s love I’ve loads. At least I’ll be doain family health, “he said. In this Christmas, this cool guy did have a special prayer for himself loh. He prayed that in the year 2012 could be a girl. “I do not want a how-how the hell, why baseball is no specific criteria. The important thing that can connect talk to, “he added. But he was reluctant to let you know as who the girl’s dreams. For him, his girlfriend later be among the celebrity baseball really. Importantly, the girlfriend later to understand the profession he chose.

Tradition of Love Gift
Baseball is different from other families, families still cultivate Morgan exchange gifts at Christmas. Although the guy who had been a model is far from his family, he found time to send Christmas presents to his family. As of this year, he was thinking about what gifts which will be given to mama, papa and her sisters. “I have not had time to buy, the time was not there. Schedule I really solid again today, “he continued. Morgan hoped, before Christmas everything is already able to receive a special gift from him. Meanwhile, he himself asked for a special gift baseball, whatever was offered by his family will always be guarding. “Actually what I was given a gift hell wrote baseball problem, for me the importance of prayer mama and papa wrote already enough really.”


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