SM*SH Resolution In 2012

SM*SH at Launching Suzuki NEX, Surabaya

Year 2011 has special meaning for SM*SH(read: SMASH-writer) boyband, where their names are getting bounced after the pros and cons that exist. Much experience they have learned during the year 2011.

“Surely (in 2011) means really, because it first appears there are pros and cons but it’s very helpful SMASH. We can stand up to this far because of that comment. 2011 also loads of things to be learned from the show, the experience also. Perhaps the material can be searched , but the experience not everyone can be, “said Rangga met at KFC Kemang, some time ago.

Member of SM*SH, Bisma, Ilham, Dicky, Morgan, Rangga, Reza, and Rafael reveals their plans in 2012. SMASH was ready to invade the neighbor country Malaysia.

“We want to come straight to the promo to Malaysia for a few weeks, hopefully acceptable,” said Rangga about the plan in 2012.

SMASH also reveal their 2012 resolutions. In addition to go international with the repackage album, this boy band established itself as an inspiration to young people of Indonesia.

“Resolution of epidemic and hopefully can be achieved in 2012. What we have done is to inspire young people in Indonesia to work as part make a girlband and boyband. We as members of SM*SH lucky can channel our talents,” said Morgan.

Another resolution, SM*SH want to make children’s songs. “A good idea, hopefully to be achieved (for children’s songs) because the first song on the album we can also just really enjoyed them,” said Bisma.


Forecasters share predictions Djenar Baby on Bintang Magazine. In 2012 a water dragon year. Given the nature of the dragon, tend to be hot, loud, temperamental, there is an element of anger. But on the other hand, the element of water to give a positive feel. At least there is calmness, coolness, and flexibility. For people who want to try hard in the occupied areas, he can be successful. But when relaxed, lazy. Water Dragon year can be less enjoyable.

In 2011 a new day through a successful year for SM*SH. What is the fate of 2012 SM * Sh is this?

According sight Baby, boy bands and girl bands until the end of next year is still a trend. SM * SH of 2011 became iconic boy band. “When I see, next year they still exist. But, also a new replaceable, “said Baby. He said, will eagain a boy band that makes women more fascinated.

“In terms of physical, performance, have something else, and new,” said Baby.

However, SM*SH will remain a pioneer and an icon that is not easily forgotten. Among the alternation of the stars and soap opera music, the stars will appear seniors (old) that is already beginning to fade, but because businesses and their creations, in 2012 shine again.

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